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Walking on the Moon

Very nice....well worth a view!

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Well, what a wonderful clip. Forget the Wanna Be pop singer, he's not going to make it.

The start invoked some wonderful memories of the guy to whom it was dedicated, The magnificent Carl Sagan.

I know that he, more than anyone else, planted the seeds of devotion to astronomy in me. The Master of the Cosmos is how I will remember him.

When the Spitzer IR Telescope was being built. Caltech invited amateurs from all parts of the world to come up with a name for it. All those taking part got a certificate of participation. Although they requested that no one used a

Mnemonic, I could not resist using Carl Sagan's surname as the name for the instrument.

It was to my mind appropriate, as it stood for exactly what the man was about.

Seek And Gather Answers New.

Of course I did not win the prize of going to see the launch of the new telescope. But neither did I ever find out who did, or even what relevance the eventual name had. Does anyone in the forum know the answer to that. I would be interested to find out.

Barkis. :rolleyes:

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Does anyone in the forum know the answer to that. I would be interested to find out.

It was basically Lyman Spitzer Jr. that conceived the idea of a space telescope. More here:


Now I feel thoroughly ashamed of myself. That this notable gentleman was totally unkown to me.

I should have done some research before I embarked on this, then I would not feel like I have personally insulted the gentleman.

I hope his spirit forgives me.

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No need to be ashamed, Barkis. From what I've heard, he was an extremely tolerant person and would more likely be surprised anyone thought of him for a named satellite! I only knew him from our tour of JPL last year when I asked the same question, more or less. :oops:

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