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Microsoft lifecam HD webcam

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I've just bought one of these with a view to converting it for use mainly in imaging the Moon and planets. I intend to follow Gary Honis' tutorial plus the notes from "George" here on SGL, I do however have a question or two before I start cutting it up!!

The camera/software supplied seems only to produce ".wmv" files. I have downloaded a .wmv to .avi converter (a free one from the web) - I assume that this is how I should convert the files before stacking them in Registax - which I believe only accepts .avi movie files? Can anyone confirm or enlighten me?

Can I "operate" the camera with "other" software? (ie something other than the MS software provided) and if so is this likely to produce files in .avi format "straight from the camera"? (There are references to other software in Gary Honis' tutorial but these are either not recommended for use with Windows 7 or are "pay for" and I have no intention of doing so just for a look-see!)

I might add that I went for this camera as it was Win7 compatible. I'd rather not start out down a "retro route" although, as the camera will be used for astro work only I do expect that some effort will be involved to get the thing running !

It may also have to double up as a guide camera one day!!


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