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Becoming frustrated

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Read the theory so when you do get the chance to put it in to practise..

You will forget it all and be even more frustrated :)

for me i have my scope setup in my office and i have been getting used to EQmod controls etc, saves wasting time when its set up

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I lived in Oklahoma for over three years - not quite Arizona but my location wasn't bad. I got some pretty clear skies (could see the Milky Way from my backyard :p) and got to see plenty of delicious DSO's I never saw from England :)

Alas, now I'm in Louisville - the 16th largest city in the US - and the skies suck LOL

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Over Christmas... Alcohol....


Only then? :hello2:

My other hobby is beer and winemaking :) The hot ginger wine was lovely whilst sitting out watching for Geminids (jumper, hoodie, coat with inner fleece coat, duvet, sleeping bag, hat & gloves). I know alcohol isn't the best thing when cold, but water would have frozen :p

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