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Watch out, shorter nights ahead....


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Winter solstice tonight :hello2:

Doesn't seem a minute since the last one, and yet here we are, a full solar year later. We'll soon be complaining about the short nights no doubt :p

Actually, the long range forecast for January is looking quite positive, but it wouldn't take many clear nights for 2011 to have more than 2011 :)

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Oh noooo!!!

It seems I have wasted half of the precious winter nights, I must've had 5 or so sessions in the last month and now the nights are getting shorter already :)

Can't we just keep the Earth sat here for a while so we can keep this longest night until the sky finally clears?

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Funny how quickly it comes around... on the one hand, you mourn the loss of the night but on the other, frankly, I like seeing the Sun LOL

I used to work nights in England, from 9pm to 6:30am. During the Summer I only saw the night during my "lunch" at 1am. On a couple of occasions I went to bed at 4am and woke up at 5:3am in daylight and unable to get back to sleep again. Trying to get through the day on 90 minutes of sleep is NOT fun LOL

During the winter, I wouldn't see daylight at all. I would get home at 7am, in darkness. I would go to bed shortly after and get up at about 4pm - again, in darkness. It was actually pretty depressing LOL

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