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Daytime all sky imaging

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Right, your gonna have to humour me on this one. :D

A year or so back I saw something on the tinternet about a guy who was

taking all sky daytime shots.

He used a reflector lamp (the ones with a silvered end to the bulb) as a

360 degree fish eye type mirror pointed at the sky.

Above this was mounted the camera focused on the mirror.

He got some fantastic 360 degree sky shots and I fancy having a go at this but

can't find the article as yet.

Another guy seems to have used a chrome car wheel hub as a mirror.

Anybody here tried this?

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You've got to hand it to this forum..

I start a perfectly interesting thread, all be it insane, and within

a dozen posts your rambling on about fat ladies knickers, currants,

soldiers hats, VW caravettes..... :D:)

Youll be getting the "tut tut from Caz" :(

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A friend of mine was doing some all-sky images using one of those spherical yard reflectors that were popular for a while a few years ago. I didn't see too many pictures as a result, so I can only assume it didn't work that well. I have seen some using the VW hub cap though that turned out extremely well. Best of luck, Phillip, and looking forward to some "Unconventional" shots from you! :)

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