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Cocoon Ha rgb


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I took this ages ago

The Ha was with the SX H9 ccd through 80mmEd and the rgb with the 1000d through the Tak 102

I've been tweaking it and discarding and starting again for literally months on and off

Any comments and thoughts on improving the image are welcome



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You might be pushing for a black background at the expense of the nebulous detail...could just be the JPEG (evil format) compression.

You might consider extracting each color channel and working them separately. This will usually allow better control of the faint detail present in each color frame.

A larger image with max JPEG quality would help the examination :)

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I've done it again (same as the HH and Flame image I've posted)

processed it on the faster PC and forgot that it looks OK on that PC but dark on every body elses even though its supposedly calibrated with the Huey

If I get time I'll load it on this PC and repost it

Thanks for the comments so far


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