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Moonlite Focusers at First Light Optics


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I am pleased to announce that Aunty FLO is now a dealer for the Moonlite range of focusers and accessories :D

Moonlite make a wide range of direct-replacement focusers for refractors, reflectors and SCTs from Celestron, Meade, Synta (Skywatcher, Celestron & Orion) and Vixen.

Dave Gibbons (nice chap) first bought Moonlite Focusers to my attention when he sold me his Evostar 150 fitted with Moonlite focuser CF2-s. Also, the Nov’ issue of Sky at Night magazine had a Group Test which compared a Moonlite focuser with five others, including models from JMI and Williams Optics – the Moonlite won, comfortably:

‘In the final assessment, the Moonlite CR2 is so beautifully made that it just cries out as the winner’

The engineering is superb: An over-sized reduction unit uses a preloaded, all ball-bearing planetary reduction design with no backlash or play. Focus can be controlled by the slightest touch of the finger for ultra-fine focus adjustments plus there is an auto brake when focus is stopped. There is no play whatsoever in the focus-tube, even when fully extended, which means an eyepiece is always positioned precisely where its designer intended - on the sweet spot - and accurate collimation is a breeze. These focusers carry heavy eyepieces and SLRs with ease.

There are also a host of options available: Compression ring, large tri-knob reduction unit, left and right hand fine-focus knob placement, motor focus, twin finder dove-tail and several colour options.

It will take me a while to update the website with the models and options but suffice to say – if Moonlite make it, FLO can supply it. Purchase an OTA and Moonlite focuser together and I will fit the focuser free-of-charge, if requested.

I can also assure you that pricing will be sensible and will reflect the real cost of importing from the US.

Details HERE

I have also attached some pix to whet your appetite.

Thanks for looking :)





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You are a very naughty man Mr First Light Optics :)

Just think of all those familys missing out on christmas day dinner ,because somebody started stocking foccussers 3 weeks before christmas !!! :(

Just as well my birthday is in Feburary :D

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Well done for offering these superb focussers Steve, I have had four of these now direct from the states in the past 3 years. They are without doubt the best upgrade you can do on your scope. Until you have used one and realised what a perfectly centred perfectly collimated(virtually every refractor focusser I've had is out )absolute zero image shift adds to your viewing experience you ain't lived! The best upgrade you can do on ANY scope. Oh and yes they are a work of mechanical art.

Bye the way Steve I am sure I just loaned you the moonlite on your EVO 150 :D havent you fitted the Rack and pinion yet!


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Thanks Dave,

I must admit, it wasn't until I saw one that I realised just how well made they are. Or for that matter, how beneficial it is to have a focuser that places your eyepiece/imager directly on the sweet-spot.

By the way Steve I am sure I just loaned you the moonlite on your EVO 150 :D

Nice try :)

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