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Forum Upgrade

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If you tried to get on the forum anytime Sunday night then you would've seen that things went wrong with the upgrade.

Too cut a long story short, the forum needed upgrading to the latest version, this fixed several security bugs as well as offering us a few more features. The upgrade neeed to make some changes to the database to improve speed and efficiency. The trouble is the forum is now so large that running this process took such a long time it ended up tripping over itself. Luckily, I had made a full backup beforehand, unluckily by this time I had 2 mins to get ready and dash out of the door to go for a meal.

When I got home again I was able to restore the forum to its previous state and with the help of my service providor run the upgrade process directly on the server manually which has seemed to do the trick.

It was definitely worth doing because of the security problems its fixed, also you may notice some time limits on things such as sending PM's, you now must wait 30 seconds or so before sending each pm, if you have less than 5 posts then each pm you send will require you to enter a visual verification code, all of this should hopefully prevent any future problems with spam being sent through pms.

Anyways, I need to go to bed!

Sorry for any inconvenience everyone but stuff like this is largely out of my control, I need to keep upgrading the system to ensure its always got the latest bug fixes to keep it protected in future I now have a different method for carrying out this upgrades so hopefully the downtime experienced tonight shouldn't happen again.



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Of course he needs to apologies....I was coming out in welts, my palms were sweating, had a funny twitch in my face and couldn't sleep all night ! Missus said I was mumbling something about sgl being dead and tossing and turning :shock: :?

Joking aside appreciate all your hard work Grant :D:)......right now to get posting the lunars from lastnight


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Thanks everyone for your kind words. Seems like the upgrade has gone OK since it was all sorted which is always good news!

Fingers crossed there won't be anymore upgrades for a little while :D

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