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Modified Canon 1000d


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This will improve the amount of red light picked up in astro-pics, which is good, particularly for objects with a lot of Ha emissions. However it will give a horrible 'pink' tinge to normal photos, so you would need either a clip on filter to adjust, or do a white-adjust setting with the inbuilt software if you use the camera for terrestrial shots.

With the 1000, you only need to remove the filter, no need to replace with another one, unless you are bothered about auto-focus for any terrestrial shots.

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I have a modded 1000D that I did myself. It brings out a much better response from the lower frequency red part of the spectrum. For example if you were imaging the horse head in Orion with a non modded 1000D it would take a much longer exposure than with the modded 1000D to get a favourable result. I compared the unmodded 400D I used to use for imaging with the modded 1000D and the difference on the horse head was huge.

My 400D is now only used for photography and the 1000D is solely used for astro work so I have no worries about the autofocus not working. I did the mod myself and didn't replace the filter with anything. It's well worth having the mod done (or doing it yourself) as it really brings out the red in nebulae and helps highlight the Ha regions in galaxies.:)

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