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HELP NEEDED: 3.2mm vs Ultima Barlow vs Televue Barlow

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Hi Everyone

My questions keep coming I'm afraid. After Thursdays excellent skies it would appear I still have an opening for an eye piece. My new TMB performed superbly to the point where I feel I could have easily dropped in a 3.2mm TMB.

My question is would it be worth getting an eye piece that will only get used on those rare clear seeing nights or get a Barlow that could be used with other EP's & web cam?

My second question would be TV or Ultima Barlow?? I know the TV comes with brass ring but dose the Celestron? Which one if either would perform better and is there much size difference?

Thanks for any info.


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I would probably get the barlow. Sometimes I just want a widefield to casually observe planets without nudging so much. If you barlow the 9, 13 and 16mm Naglers you'll get just that.

As you said, 3.2mm won't see much use while the barlow, combined with your excellent EP set, will give you a lot of options.

I can't comment objectively on the barlows as I never used either but, judging from reviews, you should be fine with any of them. If you are concerned with barrel marks then get TV barlow with the compression ring. I believe the ultima is tumbscrew, as my antares 1.6x, which seams to be the same item in 2" format.

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Thanks Pvaz

It's just the extra expense and addition of more glass in to the mix of a Barlow that made me ask.

I was leaning in this direction but fund are tight but I think in the long run it may be the most cost effective route.

Has anyone got any views on performance etc between the Celestron ultima & Televue Barlow ? They both come in at around the same price.

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With a good barlow I don't see a drop. Maybe a tiny bit less bright, probably due to the extra magnification and not the barlow it self. On tight eye relief EPs it increases the ER and makes them a bit more comfortable.

On low power EPs the ER may get too big and you'll get some blackouts if you can't find the correct eye placement. For those a powermate is recommended.

The ultima usually pops up 2nd hand for 50£ so not that much more then a TMB. If you see it as adding a 3mm Radian and a 4.5mm, 6.5mm and 8mm Naglers, it sounds cheap! :)

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