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HEQ5 connections


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Well I've just tried to set up the HEQ5 and test out EQMod, but hit a snag. I'd assumed (mistakenly :D) that it was possible to just plug the PC cable into the syntrek handset and use the PCdirect mode. But there's nowhere on the syntrek handset to plug into :) No problem I thought, I'll get the EQ6 Synscan handset and use that instead... forgetting of course that the mount connections are different on the mounts ;) So.... can I get a cable which connects the handset to the HEQ5? or is it some sort of standard cable (ie might I already have a suitable cable?). Or is there an adapter which converts the connectors between EQ6 and HEQ5.

Why can't these things be standard :)



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The adaptors that Maplin used to sell were the wrong genders easy enough to make one up or just make an EQ-DIR cable ...

Is Mike handy with a soldering Iron Helen?

The info here is enough to work out the connections required in the adaptor


All you would need is a female 9 way D sub connector with a shell and a short length of Cat 5 cable terminated in an RJ45

9 way D -----> RJ45

( Female) (Male Plug)

4&5 --------> 4

6 --------> 6

9 --------> 5

Thats just the data and ground line which would work as an adaptor for an EQ-DIR cable .. need to sort out the power connection as well to run the handcontroller...



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