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Vignetting and the Small MAK

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A slightly controversial topic, but I'll take a chance, with a genuine desire to "compare notes"! :D

It's often stated that small (e.g. Sywatcher/Skymax) MAK(sutov)s have an "small field of view". But consideration of this might lead one to conclude this is due to the longer focal length! Nevertheless, the physical construction (Baffle tube along which the mirror rides), resultant small exit aperture, and standard 1.25" diagonal may indicate... OR mislead? Theory aside, it seems experimentally anecdotal (by me and a FEW others?) that these MAKs CAN deliver somewhat wide(er) FOV in various e.g. (psuedo) 2" configurations. Conventionally, it seems a 50Deg 32mm Plossl would be the limit of a Skymax (f=1500mm) MAK127 (46x FOV 1.1 Deg) . Yet it seems one can go a little (useful) BIT further... Maybe 1.4 Deg (visually)... Maybe more? Clearly noone can/wants to turn a MAK into a "Short Tube refractor". (Most MAK owners own one, anyway!) But in the cause of (fairly) scientific exploration... ANY PRACTICAL experience/comments you might want to share? :(

FWIW: With my new setup a budget 32mm 70Deg 2" (Moonfish type WA) I reckon I can get to within spitting distance of 1.5 Deg FOV. It's not yet clear WHERE (the possible?) vignetting occurs! I seem also troubled by views of the "innards" of the scope? But M45 (The Pleiades) is still a favourite target... :)

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I'd guess the vignetting occurs at the 'hole' at the back of the scope, that fitting is less that 2" wide IIRC.

Theres absolutely no baffling on the Skymaks so its very possible you can see the 'innards' of the scope when trying for a wide FOV.

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