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Imaging with a netbook, need usb-hub & serial-ports. Any tips how to connect?


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Ahoy mateys

I'm currently upgrading my imaging setup, with new gear on it's way. But I'm running out of usb ports & don't have a serial port in my netbook.

As it looks now, I'll need 3 usb-ports & 1(maybe 2) serial ports.

What needs to be connected is:

USB - CCD imaging camera

USB - guide-cam

USB - Mouse (touchpad broken)

Serial - Robofocus

Serial - Mount control (not used it yet, but plan to)

My netbook Asus EEE 1005HA has 3 usb-ports but no serial-ports.

How would you suggest me to solve this? I've never used a usb-hub before, would it be possible to connect imagingcam & guidecam at the hub, or would they interfer with each other, or introduce increased readout-noise?

My idea would be this:

computer USB port 1: Imaging CCD

computer USB port 2: Guidecam

computer USB port 3: USB hub w. 4 ports

USB-Hub1: Serial->USB & Robofocus

USB-Hub2: Serial->USB & Mountcontrol through EQmod

USB-Hub3: Mouse

USB-Hub4: Empty

Would this work, or would there be conflicts when focusing & such?

Best Wishes


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I use a Netbook to a 7 port powered hub in a water proof box. I run a powered 5m USB extension between the 2 and sit in the conservatory.

This will leave 2 free USB on the Netbook for mouse, etc.

Nice setup!

Currently I don't have a fixed location, I'm packing my stuff in the car & drive to different spots, depending on which direction I'll be imaging. So the hub will be in the same box as my laptop. Would I need a power the hub, or is it ok to control both the mount, focuser & mouse (batterydriven wireless usb), with the hub selfpowered?

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Note, there is a 12V battery with 12V to 5V converter in the waterproof box to power the hub. The same battery also powers the mount direct with 12V.

Yeah I'm looking for 12V->5V converter, in case my hub would need to be powered. But I'm guessing/hoping it doesn't have to, since the units connected to the hub got their own powersupply from my 12V main battery?

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The reason I power my hub is because my cameras can only get their power over the USB, if they got their power elsewhere and only used USB for control and data I wouldn't have bothered.

Perfect! Great help, thanks alot for your quick replies!

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