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4.5" Aluminium tube supplier UK?


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Anyone know where i can get some thin walled,around 1.5-2mm) 4.5" (114mm) dia aluminium tube in the uk?

Seems most web suppliers seem to offer a very limited selection of anything greater than 4" dia.

I know the stuff exists-as my st120's made with this size tube.

So any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Richard Austin Alloys Ltd - Aluminium and Stainless Steel

A stainless/alluminium etc supplier nearish me, has listed, 4.5" o/d x 1/8" thick tube. So if they have it, there's a very good chance it is available somewhere near you.

The bloke on ebay that I bought bits n pieces from, was very helpful and said he could supply most anything not listed on his site. I'll find out his ebay shop name.

Hope that's a wee bit of help.


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How about clip pipe, it's what I used for my pier in the DIY observatories section




Thanks Keith, that's a very useful link- doesn't solve my current problem, but i've bookmarked it for a future diy dob.Some really useful (& big) tube sizes.

Thanks to all for the links,

perhaps i should have clarified i need 4.5" o.d tube, i.d relatively unimportant, but the thinner the walls the better. Surely i'm not going to have to pay for shipping from the US (£££)to get this?

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