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Quick terminator grab


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Hi Tony very nice image mate , looks good , just one point if you dont mind ole rog sticking his hooter in , the right side is slightly out of focus , this is normally happens in registax whilst carrying out the wavelett adjustments , if u dont know already hold the mouse pointer on the out of focus part and right click , this will sharpen it back again



hope i,m not teaching you to suck eggs here

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Thanks all :-)

Rog, I think it's more likelyto be my lazy a**e stitchingof the panesin iMerge that has resulted in the right hand blur (that, or the wine I was imbibing at the time :) ) I've checked the individual panes, and they look a little more in focus. I may have another go at cropping/stitching...then again...I may justgo and :D


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