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After my last disaster I started this again last night and managed to get 4hrs 20 mins of 20 min subs in Ha. There are still some problems with it, (dont look to close at the stars) Guiding in the west is a bit dodgy!

I want to get another couple of hours in Ha and then some colour.

Anyway here is the Cone Nebula, Fox Fir Nebula and the Christmas tree.




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Martin if I could match it id be happy !!!

There is a touch of elongation but you can fix that in PS so i have read :)

Really nice !

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It is really smooth. There is a fix for elongation.

Rotate image till elongation horizontal or vertical.

Copy layer.

Layers, Blend mode darken.

Filter - (other?) - offset - choose which axis, x or y.

Go for one pixel on this one. It will be too much but apply it and go Edit-fade and back off the offset till stars are round.



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