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Gimp and raw images problem.

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OK this has spilled over from another thread but I didn't want to hijack it so thought I would start this one. As of now I am getting lots of error messages if I try to open a raw(CR2) image in gimp.

I have provided a screenshot below. I am positive although it was late at night I could open the image 2 nights ago but when I went to save it as a jpeg Gimp crashed saying something about plugins.

But at the moment I can't even get that far, it wont open it at all and gives me this screen but I can still open the jpegs.

The OS is Windows 7 and it's Gimp 2.6.


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No, I don't think so. It is straight from the camera and saved. I can open them in PS no problem it's just if I go to Gimp that screen is the message that comes up.

I go to 'open' and I can't find the files unless I select 'all files' then click on the CR2 file and those are the screens that come up.

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Hi Pibbles,

The bad news....

I get the same error messages. Looks like Gimp does not open RAW files (like you, I thought it did...grrr).

The good news....

I did some poking around and the UFRaw GIMP plug-in gets the most press.

You can find it here: UFRaw - Download & Install

I installed it and worked like a charm on one of my CR2s.

I'm running Win7Pro x64 and GIMP 2.6.10.

Hope this helps,


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Rusty is right... GIMP doesn't handle raw files natively... UFraw is the way around it... though... it quite neatly hooks to GIMP, so after the raw adjustments you just click the button and the image opens. Be even better when 16 bit GIMP finally arrives :)...

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