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New OTA, best choice?

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I would love to replace my 4.5" OTA(Meade DS2114 goto) with a larger aperture version that the goto mount would still handle. Are there any light 6" or super compact and light 7-8" that might work? :)

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Not being familiar with your scope, I've had a google to find out.

But I couldn't see how the tube connects to the mount, if it's a

standard dovetail, it could be possible to fit another tube, if not,

it may entail some work to achieve that.

However, as tube sizes increase, so does the weight. You could very

easily find that the mount would struggle. Also the larger diameter tube

may hit the mount at high elevations, you could measure the clearance

with exsisting tube.

So tread very carefully. Personally I think that it would be best to get

a larger scope and mount, rather than trying to fit a larger tube to your

mount and being disapointed with the result.

The other option is to continue with what you have, there are lots of fine

sights with a 114mm scope.

Best regards, Ed.

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The mount is something I can fabricate, I have a full garage. Looking to give in a little to aperture fever, on the smallest budget possible, while still having goto. I was thinking that means buying a secondhand 6" OTA only, or OTA on a cheap stand. Remaining parts could be sold as a working unit to further reduce cost.

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