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The Moon - 12 Dec

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Got the FLT 110 mounted with a bit of help (but no chance of lifting the CPC1100 with my damaged wrist!) The Moon was nicely placed and seeing wasn't too bad.


1640 - 1653 UT. WO FLT 110, 2x Powermate, W29 (deep red) filter, DMK41 camera. 9 frame mosaic, 25% resize - full size version is here (select "High Res Image" from the zoom menu).

Diameter 29.92'; altitude 30.0 deg; colongitude 349.9 deg; illumination 41.9%; libration in latitude -05 deg 34 min; libration in longitude +00 deg 33 min.

Trying to wring the maximum out of the FLT 110; here are high resolution closeups of the Theophilus and Maurolycus areas, using my 4x Imagemate, other details as above.

Theophilus at 1710 UT:


Maurolycus at 1712 UT:


Closeups and each frame from the large mosaic, 800 frame AVI shot, 200 frames stacked in Avistack v1.8.

Transparency good. Seeing moderate with significant boiling. Temp +01C, wind SE force 1-2, baro 1028 mb, steady.

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Great images with very nice detail. A bit spookey for me as I was looking at these very same features.

Many thanks


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Wow, the first image is absolutely superb, very crisp and amazing detail. Well done. I haven't a clue what most of the terminology is, hopefully I will learn in time. Just ordered some kit to start imaging and I aspire to get to your level.



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