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In Essence,The potential of a significantly wider field of view.

But chose wisely, & ask for recommendations if you're not that familiar with

ep's -the edges of the field can get pretty messy with the wrong telescope/eyepiece combination. Also as they generally weigh more you may have to rebalance

your scope when using a 2" eyepiece.

With your scope the approx max true field of view with 1.25" size is around 1.5 deg, with 2" size around 2.6 deg. Thats a bit over simplified, but gives you an idea.

Oh yeah, 2" ep's look pretty cool,:) but its a bit of a faff keep switching between 1.25" & 2" sometimes.

My advice for what its worth- get a quality low power 1.25" if you haven't got one already.

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