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Hello all!


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A small introduction to this buzzing community!

I found my niche.

I studied a broad course with the Open University on "The Universe" (I told you, it was broad) and basically what started as a fascination has become a hobby.

So I'm starting out on my own voyage as it were to see these things for myself.

I was directed here by a good friend, to get the most out of this!

I'm really looking to go into deep sky observation, and when I have enough practice, try my hand at astrophotography.

This christmas, I've set my sights on a scope to last me and serve me for all purposes.

I've become quite taken by the Skywatcher Explorer 130P SupaTrak, because I feel it will cover my needs over time.

As well as a few guide books of course.

I'd like to know what you folks think of this for starting out.

And of course, a big hello to you all!

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Hi Glitablitz, welcome to SGL.

Looks like a portable scope-that's a plus. Key is to get outhere and stay warm (warm clothes, hat & flask of something hot are vital)

I hope to get some images of Jupiter this Xmas with an old webcam (Philips Toucam on an adaptor with IR filter) and to process them through free software.

Enjoy the stars.


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