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Sierra Golf Mike

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I am just about to order an SPC880 Flashed to 900 from Morgans, along with an adaptor and filter to try a bit of Lunar and planetary imaging. However there are several adaoptors available of different lengths (Morgans one appears quite short) can anybody advise if length matters! Also looking at an adaptor for a compact camera, again several about, any advice. Lastly what is the advantage of the Max DSLR adaptor over the T Mount adaptor as I intend to get one for my Canon 30D



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The one sold by Morgans is the right one for the SPC 880/SPC 900. The barrel is plenty long enough on this one and it has a cut in for extra security. Adaptors made for the Toucam and Toucam Pro II may not fit the SPc900 because the thread length is too short.

As far I am aware the only time barrel length is important is if your scope has very little back focus. This is the case on the Coronado PST and on some short focal ratio Newtonians. If this is the case, simple cut the end off a normal adpator top shorten the barrel (not the thread).

Note -Astroengineering make a short-barrelled adaptor (item# AC 624), but it is my understanding that this will not fit the SPC900.

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