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Zoom eyepiece question


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Having decided on splashing out on a Baader Zoom i did the fatal thing of having a Google.

Then the problems start :D

I noticed that you can get a Pentax Xf 6.5-19mm :) , now as 75% of what i am planning to to observe will be Solar System i am thinking that the Pentax will give me a better range of magnification.

But it is more expensive than the Baader so the $100 question is will i get a improvement in views when used on my Celestron Omni 120xlt that is f8.3 ???

I have had Pentax's in the past but that was with a F5 Dob and they were spot on so i dont have to justify the quality.



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The Pentax will give x153 max in your scope which is a little low for the planets. So I am assuming you will be using a x2 Barlow ???

With a x2 Barlow the Baader will give x83 to x249

With a x2 Barlow the Pentax will give x105 to x306

Your scope is good for x250 so you will have redundant power with the Pentax and it costs more.

Also there is loads of good feedback on the net about the Baader, very little about the Pentax.

Visually I would suspect there would be nothing to choose between the two.

I would go with the Baader MKIII

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Also there is loads of good feedback on the net about the Baader, very little about the Pentax.

That was my problem , finding info on the Pentax as its mainly Birding sites :)

Yes i will be using a barlow to ramp up the mag

Cheers for the reply though :D

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Can't speak for the pentax zoom except to say it beat the baader zoom in a SaN review last year. However the baader was a good second and I have the Mk2. I find it very useful, crisp, clear, little or no internal reflections, and adaptable for cameras. It's my workhorse ep and most used in my set. I've tried a Mk3 but for too short a time to detect any major difference - though it is supposed to be a lot better :)

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