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Dual Imaging


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Im pondering on using two cameras at once, these are my options and im wondering how others would set them up?

100ED, 80 ED, Canon 300D IR filter Mod, Canon 450D and a Sky watcher Field Flattener. Filters Skywatcher 2" LPF and a CLS Clip Filter.

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Only 2 ?

I have a full spectrum (filter removed) 350D , Baader ACF modded 1000D and a Vanilla 500D...

I have CLS-CCD and Hutech IDAS P2 filters (both of which have the added advantage of UV/IR cut) as well as 2" 30nm Ha

What you planning on trying.. I played about with using one camera on the Megrez72 and another on the CPC800 at f6.3 whilst guiding through a 500mm f8 lens...

This was to give me a wide field and close up view of targets with the option of combining the data using Registar (brilliant for this sort of thing... Olly does this a lot...)

I have almost abandoned the 350D (and I guess the 300 will be similar) due to the fact that well matched darks are pretty much essential with it compared to the 1000D and the 500D which you can often get away with out using darks at all...


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I always regarded the 1000D Hutech IDAS combo as the primary combo and the 350D with the CLS-CCD as the secondary.. and they used to get swapped between scoeps depending which was the "primary" imagign scope for a particular target...

I have got the IDAS as an inbody option now as well as when I actually bother going out these days its usually to shoot wide field with the 1000D and 500D and camera lenses on the HEQ5... guided with an equinoxe 66 and synguider... decided that the Synguider on a finder guider is pretty near useless...

The 350D has been relegated to terestrial IR...


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