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a bit of a dob problem

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Is any one else having a slight problem with the tensioning handles on there dobs?

No matter how much i tighten them the scope still creeps down which makes it hard to stay on target, i think the main cause is added weight (to the eyepiece end) but all i have added is a telrad which is not that heavy.

I think what people do is add magnet's to the rear, if so what type and where can i get some from?.

The scope is a Skywatcher flextube, 200p.


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I recall someone using a bottle full of sand or water, gaffer taping a pair of strong magnets to it and using that as a counterbalance. That way you can alter the amount of weight for a particular eyepiece.

I don't have a very heavy eyepiece (yet) so I haven't had the need to add weights to the back. The only time I have had problems is when the tube is pointing near enough horizontal, but I rarely do that as there are not many DSOs visible by looking at the garden fence :)

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One or two packages of bradnails wrapped in duct tape and attached with heavy-duty velcro works. So far, it's been dew resistant too. Of course, you'll want to use white duct tape to make it look real pretty.

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