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First M33 attempt

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Hi All

This was my first go at M33, and first light for CLS clip filter.

It seems to be a very difficult object to process.

Anyway, this was 23 x 5mins ISO800, 2 darks subtracted, no flats.

I would be interested to see what someone else could get out of it.

Where could I upload the TIFF?




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Your right about M33 being a difficult target....getting enough contrast to give it depth is a real nightmare. Best approach: light frames, light frames, light frames.

You might also consider some Hydrogen-Alpha.

Can't wait to see more...


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Hey Grant - you could help me with a question about the CLS clip filter. Got mine today and just tried it out on M31. I took 10 exposures @ 25s/ISO800 and I've ended up with almost nothing - blacks are black (RGB 0,0,0) and can't see anything but the core. Without the filter I've taken lots of shots at this exposure and seen a fair amount of detail. Did you find you needed a huge amount of extra exposure to counter the filter?

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Well, sorry to hijack your thread with this, but I recently got a modded 1000D and can't use my SW LP filter until FLO get in supplies of the Canon adapter (Jan), so thinking that the CLS would be better anyway I got one. I took this last night without the CLS, and it's a stack of 25s images. Pretty poor but you can see what it is. I won't even bother posting tonight's effort, but judging by what my eyes are seeing I'd say they are about at least 5 stops underexposed. So a 13min exposure required. That seems daft for a filter that's not actually supposed to be neutral density! No, I'm not guiding yet...


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Thats brilliant for 25 secs. Your LP can't be to bad then. Your extra aperture above mine would also make a difference.

The CLS seems to be a lot more harsh than others I have used, but it works for my skies, so I am chuffed.

Do you mind if I post my M31 from last night here, and let you have a go in PixInsight?

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I will put the link up just now, thanks.

I guess you just have to play around with what you have and find what's best at the time. Was the 25sec image with no filter at all?

If so, maybe try a IR/UV cut filter and see what you get. The SW filter should be good for you. I think?

Either way, it will be good to see the results, and learn from them.


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