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mobile phone eyepiece mount


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I saw somnething on the net ages ago where a guy had managed to mount his nokia to an eyepiece and take some although basic, quite impressive pics with it.

It got me scratching my head and the other night I thought I would have a go at knocking something up.

I used a left over piece of plastic card that the plumbers used to fill in the gap under my boiler in the kitchen, its 3mm thinck and a sandwich of foam between 2 sheets of plastic.

I just measure up my phone and cut it to the right sizes making sure that I allowed for the various switches on the sides of the phone.

When making it I made sure it was a tight fit and lined the bottom where the body would be after the lense cover was open with some old mouse mat.

If you can find an eyepiece top cap thats of fairly rigid plastic that fits your eyepieces snugly, that will make an excellent little eyepiece adaptor to mount the whole lot on.

It was a fun project that just took a couple of hours of messing around.. I havent used it yet but will post a pic when I have..

Oh and please dont use superglue, it reacts with this plastic card and gives off fumes so hot melt or araldite it.


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A piece of plumbing adapter does it for my 6630. Just plugs the phone straight onto the ep rubber. Made a cradle for the Samsung phone out of half a 6630 cover and some balsa - superglue works a treat with balsa. It LOOKS a total pig but works a treat.

Yup, an hour or two's messing can really improve yer phones Astro-Imaging capabilities! :D

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