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Stellarium download warning message

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Hi everyone, just attempted to download Stellarium when I got the following warning from McAfee Site Advisor.

"Potentially dangerous download detected. In our tests, this download contained programs some people would consider adware, spyware or other potentially unwanted programs."

I don't have a great knowledge of computers but the message seems clear enough but I've seen so many of you recommend the site that I'm wondering if the warning is a bit over the top, perhaps an overreaction to some advertising within it, perhaps? Has anyone else seen this message or is in a position to throw some light on it? Any advice gratefully received.:)

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i just downloaded it, i use AVG 2011 with no problems at all.

McAfee is not a anti virus programme i would ever recommend to anybody it's bugged with too many false positives in my opinion i had it myself onetime and the problems it gave me were unrepeatable on here if you know what i mean. not to mention trying to remove it from my computer was almost impossible i came very close to taking a very big hammer to it, i ended up reformatting the computer in the end and even then it never ran smoothly again. i wouldn't use or recommend McAfee even if it was the only antivirus programme available. thank god it's not, so at the end of the day it's your choice if you want to risk it or not. personally i would ignore the warning and download Stellarium it's a great programme. dump McAfee and install a different programme is my advice. whatever you decide i wish you well with it.


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Just to point out that McAfee site Advisor is not an anti virus program; it's simply a browser plug in that alerts you to POTENTIALLY malicious websites based on user experiences. It can be a little 'over enthusiastic', and certainly the warning over the Stellarium site can be safely ignored.

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