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What was the first thing you saw through a telescope which got you hooked?

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I wasn't too impressed initially with the A80Mf. Beginner's expectation of what would appear in the eyepiece immediately.. It helps when it's cooled down :)

Stars are pinpoint dots, so so.. getting to see the craters along the non-full moon was superb. Seeing into the craters was gobsmaking.

Seeing the smudges and recognising the Orion nebula and then twigging they're there but faint got me looking for more. Now I have my 16ic I'm looking forward to developing those smudges further :(

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I was hooked before I got a telescope and was fascinated by Orion and the way I could use the belt as a pointer to the Pleiades and Sirius. However, beyond all doubt my first telescopic view of Jupiter was the thing that hooked me into getting a scope of my own. I couldn't believe that I could see the 4 moons and that when I looked again an hour later they were no longer in their original positions. Jupiter is always the first object I seek out, if it is around, when I set up my telescope.

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Saturn for me, will never forget it, even woke the missis up at 1am, to come look :S
Haha, I can relate to that.

The first time I saw Saturn through my 4" reflector I couldn't believe what I was seeing and had to show as many people as possible.

I must've invited everyone I know round to have a play since I got my 10" Dob.

It's surprising how many people have a dormant interest in astronomy; it only seems to come out when they get change to look through a 'scope.

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I bought a 'cheap' scope on a wobbly eq mount and no knowledge of RA/Dec or polar alingment, eventually steered the scope to jupiter, held my breath for a few moments then went crikey. A week later I bought a SE6. Then a year later a 12" dob, which re-ignighted my interest when I got the viel nebula in its sights. Love this hobby.

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Mauna Kea Visitors Centre in 2000: M51 through 16" LX200

its hard to repeat that extra galactic view burned on my synapses without another plane ticket to Hawaii :/

Actually its probably better idea (and cheaper) to have a holiday of a lifetime in Hawaii (with partner) and rent a 4x4 for a few nights here: http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/info/vis/visiting-mauna-kea/star-gazing-program.html than investing 5-10k in a monster scope that suffers from weather #fail lol

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just got into star gazing 6 months ago pointed my 6" reflector the very first night i got it ( was lucky it was a clear night when i got it ) straight at a full moon for about ten minutes with a 8 mm eyepiece was an amazing sight then had to go in couldnt see out my right eye for about half an hour afterwards but have enjoyed learning about constellations, and moon filters.lol

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