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Just looked at the website as I've never heard of this before. Does it really work?

It is by no means perfect, but it is very good. As with all image processing, one has to be very careful not to over do it. I use it for 99% of my lunar images. First, I use a little bit of 'level 1' Gaussian sharpening with wavelets in Registax, then I swap to Photoshop to do my final sharpening with Focusmagic. The only time I may not use Focus magic is where the image is very noisy. With these images I first try using Noise Ninja the remove some of the noise, then use Focusmagic. If that doesn't work, I use High Pass filtering instead of Focusmagic - the sharpening isn't quite as good, but it's a technique I find sharpens noise slightly less.

The differences between Focusmagic and other techniques such as wavelets, unsharpen masking and High pass sharpening are subtle, but I find image processing is a bit like the Tesco's advert - 'Every little helps'.

I understand that many of the top lunar imagers use Focusmagic in their image processing routines. I certain wouldn't be without it.

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