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1st imaging attempts


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OK, first solar imaging attempt with a new DMK using a 2ndhand CaK PST, an elderly PST and a herschel wedged WO66+continuum. (Actually my first astroimaging attempt apart from some compact-camera-at-the-eyepiece stuff many years back).

The murk cleared a bit around midday. No barlow, scopes were undriven and so only short sequences (<300frames) were obtainable, also they were shot through a window.... it was cold outside and I had a childrens party to attend to! Processed with AviStack2 with default settings. The PST's odd tuning and sweetspot ensures there isn't much disk detail present, apart from a monster long prom! The CaK exposure was much longer, around 1/7sec (with additional gain) which I was not expecting, so I think the CaK image is plagued by motion blur as I hoped for more detail.

Anyhow, seems OK, so I now need to ask Santa for a tracking mount and a 2x barlow (my 3x is probably pushing things a bit far).






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The DMK21 has fewer pixels (may be slightly smaller too... can't remember) and can give upto 30frames/sec, making it quicker to grab a lot of frames to average. However the tradeoff is a smaller field of view. Given the short focal lenght of solar scopes and my interest of also doing lunar imaging I decided to go for the DMK41 as I can do full disk imaging, negating the requirement to stitch images together. Guess it depends what you are after and are willing to spend. I thought the consensus was that the larger DMK imagers were preferred for solar and lunar and the smaller cameras were more suited for planetary work where the framecount is more important.



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