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worth me getting a ' 5mm Baader Hyperion 68 degree eyepiece' ?


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im starting to upgrade my eyepeice set , and woundering if a 5mm

Baader Hyperion 68 degree eyepiece is worth while .

atm im useing the stock eyepeices that came with my SW 200p newt. but they arnt very good .

i live in the uk and the weather isnt very good most of the time , and i heard that 5mm wount be very good due to the weather conditions. is this true ?

i would like to get 2 eyepieces , 1 for planetry and one for dso to start with but seeing as i only have £100 after buying a fightcase i dont have much money left.

so should i stick with gettin a 5mm ? or if you know of 2 resonably good ep's i could get for £100 quid please let me know



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Personally i think 195 is about right for planets

thought about getting a 13mm and tuning rings for more options?

If going for 2x EP i would go with BST Explorers, TMB clones or TeleVue Plossl's

The Bst's and TMB if I wanted a wider FOV

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You could go for a TMB Planetary clone at the high end, they do 5/6/7mm sizes. And it only costs £38 and will give the Hyperion a run for its money for less than half the cost. That would leave enough for a Paradigm 18mm, again £38 and an excellent eyepiece. Still money in the pot for a flutter on the secondhand market and a cheap but truly excellent Ortho perhaps.

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Hi Hugh, if it were me, I think I'd start my upgrade with a more general use

focal length, and fill in with high power later. Not everyone will agree, but

I would get a 13mm Hyperion first, great for DSOs, or an 8mm, useful on more

occasions than a 5mm.

Best regards, Ed.

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All good ideas above - the TMB's are cheaper so you could get two of those, or a single Hyperion 12mm or 8mm and a couple of fine tuning rings to make it a "three in one" eye piece. It's camera friendly too as the Hyperions have a thread for T-rings".

Check this table for possible ep sizes with the Hyperion and FTR's:

Baader Hyperion 8mm 1.25" / 2" Eyepiece | Telescope Accessories | Rother Valley Optics

(bottom of the page)

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hi ,

cheers for all your replys i get the impression that i should get a 13mm or a 8mm and the tuning rings , which thinking about it sounds like the best idea.

iv looked at the TMB's and had a long think about , even though i will be able to get a couple of them i think i will stick with the hyperion. reason for this is because in a 2 or 3 weeks i will get a a second hyperion. so i dont really see the point ' now thinking about it ' in spending £100 on a couple of EP's that i wont be useing in a couple of months time.

just need to think about if i should get the 8mm or the 13mm now :D

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The tuning rings are a great idea. I had both rings with my Hyperion set and then tuned the eyepieces to best match my scope.

Worth noting that this wasn't my original plan though. I thought one Hyperion could replace 4 eyepieces in my case. For instance i started with the 17mm which could also used as a 13.1 10.8 9.2 14.6. Sounds great, almost an entire eyepiece set in one. But in practice, out in the dark, in the field, it's a truly rubbish idea. One night of fiddling was enough to realise that.

But as a way of tuning one eyepiece to best match the focal length of the scope, it's great.

Just my thought in case you're seeing this a 4-in-1 eyepiece.

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I had the Hyperions with a 8" newt and the 5mm was the shortest one I could use comfortably use on nights when the conditions allowed it. From memory, the best view I had with one was the Ring nebula with a UHC filter in the nosepiece. Saying that though, I found the 8mm was the one I used the most as the lower magnification wasn't affected so much by conditions and the wider field allowed many more DSO's to be viewed properly.


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