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I'm Alex, due to a lack of light where I live in the winter, I have been looking for a new hobby to replace outdoor sports that I currently do.

If you didn't guess I have took up astronomy and bought my first scope (cheapish 6" newt).

I have a great interest in physics already and am studying maths at university next year, so astronomy seemed perfect.

Here to learn more as nobody else I know is interested enough to join me :D.

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Hi Alex and a warm welcome to SGL from me :D

I started with a 6" newt - it's a great platform on which to start your hobby - others have started with a lot less. You'll see a lot of stuff for quite some time to come with that - all the best and enjoy the forum :D

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Hi Alex and welcome to SGL

Seems funny now but 30 years ago having a 6" newt was the dream of many a budding amateur, these days with relatively cheap massive dobs, it's far too easy to think they are too small to be any use. The heavens are the same so why should the usefulness of a 6" newt change?

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