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Ethos 8mm on Auction site

Space Beagle

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I'm going to be going for it.

Hopefully I'll get it cheap because of it being Christmas round the corner. I've contacted the guy and he says its in mint condition.

Wish me luck or maybe not if others are also bidding. :D

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I just bid my max. I figured I might aswell because it was the next bid anyway.

Oh well, if anyone else wants it now will have to break £360! It getting close to the 10% off telescope house price.

An 8mm ethos seems to be the next logical step for me but Im thinking I already have a nice 8mm plossl which is brilliant. I'm also thinking that I want this just so I can powermate it to 4mm which I would probably do most of the time. Im wondering what the point is and that I should just get the 3.7mm SX instead. My 2-4mm nag zoom has made me reconsider how far you can actually push the mag.

I think I need to have a sit down. :)

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May come across as over priced but the seller won't see anything like £360 after fees. EBay and PayPal are the biggest con artists I have ever come across. Watch how you are paid by the bidder IE: £150 + £8 P&P Due to the now mandatory payment option of PayPal most pick this so you get your £158 in the PayPal account and get charged a fee for the total £158 but hang on I haven't got £158 from the sale as eBay takes IE: £9 for fees ???? So I only actually see £149 from the sale but PayPal charge me fees on £158 totaling £10 so as eBay & PayPal are of the same group in actual fact eBay has charged me there fees twice for selling the same item. Grand total of £19

Clever how they don't subtract their fee before hand and I'm sure perfectly legal how they have it set up due to our option on how we choose to pay our fees but none the less a little con that earns them a further £2 on top of the £9 they already stung us with. Also bear in mind we get charged fees on the total sum not taking into account if we put P&P as £8 which postage comes in on £8 at the Post office we will be at a loss once more as we have paid a £1 fee on this.

All are approximate evaluations and are only for a purpose of example.

I have had to over price a listing for an eyepiece as by the time eBay and PayPal take their chunk I only end up with what I'm asking in the first place. You try to say the item is available else where and you either get a warning or they remove the listing "yet another new dreamed up rule"

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Does no one actually research the price of a product before bidding on eBay? People must assume that because it's on there it is cheaper than elsewhere and is a bargain that must be "won" at all costs.

I bet the seller must be chuffed at getting a price like that for a used eyepiece.

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