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is this scope any good

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I have pasted a link to the same question asked about a year ago, hopefully the answers still stand and it will help.

Absolute Beginner - Telescope Advice Needed [Archive] - Stargazers Lounge

I know that this scope is really cheap, but I'm not sure it can deliver all that it seems to promise. The Sky at Night magazine in November had a good review of telescopes in the £100 to £130 bracket, some of those looked good value for the money and are great starter scopes. I realise they are a tad more expensive than the one you were looking at, but better to save for the right scope that you will regularly use and be happy with than buy a cheaper one that doesn't do what you want it to and ends up in a cupboard somewhere gathering dust.

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How much were you intending to spend on a scope?

I don't know the one mentioned but sounds like the it is another of the 75/700 that are for sale at various places and under various brands.

Generally they are not that good, but I always recall someone on CN who said a 60-70mm scope is not the best to start with but is very often the one that people do start with.

Is the scope for yourself and what level of knowledge is there?

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114mm (4.5") f/500 Parabolic

Newtonian Reflector

£115.00 @ Sherwoods

£122 @ FLO

HERITAGE-130P FlexTube™ 130mm (5.1") + Free Book

f/650 Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope

£120 @ Sherwoods

Skywatcher Startravel 80 (EQ1) Details

80mm (3.1") f5 Refractor

Price: £115.00 @ FLO

The 1145P has a low f number f/4.3 which will mean that for magnifications of ~100x you will need better eyepieces, these cost more. Also at f/4.3 collimation will need to be accurate. Not too great a problem to do but it will need doing at regular intervals to get the best from it.

Just in case you have one around or access to one, I was looking at Jupiter the other night using a spotting scope as per bird watching. It was 15-60x and 50mm dia objective. Moons were visible but it was still a small indistinct disk at 15x magnification. It was also hand held so bouncing all over the place. Have to try a tripod next time. :):D:D:D:D

Out of interest is the scope for you, your daughter or both? makes a slight difference to what may be suggested as the best.

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