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Advice on Binoculars (xmas gift)

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Hey, guys. :)

This is my (frustrating) situation: I'm considering buying a pair of binoculars for a relative that has a passing interest in astronomy, but I have no knowledge of the subject myself so I'm clueless as to what to buy. And to make tasks more difficult, my budget is a measly £50 (I'm willing to spend less, :D...)

I've done a bit of research and found that, with my small budget, a pair of 7x50 binoculars would generally be the best way to go. But which do I choose?

These handsomely priced Lugers:

Luger FX 7x50 Binocular Black: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

Or these drool-inspiringly priced Celestrons:

Celestron 00149863 Upclose 7x50 Porro Prism Binocular: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

Are they cheap and cheerful, or cheap for a reason?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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ok, have a look at FLO, the site sponser, they are/wer doing celestron skywatcher 15x70 bins for a shade under £50 and they are fantastic, worth pinging an email to see if they still at that price and a great shop to deal with

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+1 about the celestron 15 x 70 being the dog's danglies, you only have to look at the huge thread about them to see how highly regarded they are.


the only problem is they are fair size and ideally need to be supported even if it's just by resting one's elbows on something which may be a problem if it's either a relative who is a bit frail / weak

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