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Astronomy Calculators V1


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Hello everyone,

I thought I'd make an official release thread for my calculator project. The current release includes the following calculators:

- Magnification

- Max/min useful magnifications

- F/Number

- Limiting magnitude (approximation)

- True field of view

- Dawes limit

- Exit pupil

- Light grasp

- Lunar feature resolution

- Absolute magnitude

- Distance converter (lightyears/parsecs)

- Orbital period

The release is downloaded as a setup installer, but the installer will not edit your system's inner workings at all - it just extracts the files and creates a few shortcuts. If you find any errors or have any suggestions, I would like to hear!

They are available for download at:


Thanks. Here are some screens:



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Thanks Mark - I would also say the same about the great RA/DEC converter you sent to me!

Also, the Sky at Night will include it on the February 2011 coverdisc next year - I am really pleased about that. Thanks to the editors, and Talitha and Pete Lawrence for pointing me in the right direction.

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good job for this toolset george, it works on windows seven, i'll try the soft on my windows xp soon.

with wich programmation langage do you make this software(pascal, C,python)?


Thankyou Arnaud, and thanks for testing it. I used the C++ language to make them, and when everything was put together, it was about 700 lines of code (but each individual feature was only about 50).

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