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Pictures compared to what you really see

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Hi, sorry newb question here :)

I've been looking through the pictures, and I'm wondering at what level will I actually see Jupiter just with a pair of binoculars. Will it look like the pictures of Jupiter you see, or will it just be a bigger bright star (as it looks with the naked eye)

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will it just be a bigger bright star (as it looks with the naked eye)

With binoculars, Jupiter will be a very very bright, slightly "fat" star, with the Galilean moons clearly visible. Sorry but you will see no surface detail without much more magnification than binoculars normally supply.

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With the popular 15x70 bins you should be able make out Jupiter as a small bright disk and you should also be able to see all or some of the Galilean moons,( some may be out of site behind the planet) but again this is dependent on whether you have any light pollution from where you view from, most of the lovely pics you see are taken with special cameras and many hundreds of exposures through medium to large telescopes, for live view the banding on the planet is often visible through a 100mm scope, sometimes smaller depending on how clear the conditions are, as you work up in scope size to say a 350mm much more detail becomes apparent.

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