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Hi , Skywatcher motor dual axis on EQ30-2 mount problem , please help.

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Hey, i am edy i am from israel , nice to meet you guys my first post here , nice to see sites like this for all kinds of astronomers .


My problem is that so far i observed with my 10 days old telescope so far manually rotating the scope all ever i want with my hands rotating those 2 fine adjust-cables , the problem starts when i started to put on the mount the dual axis motor drive ,its like this i have

SkyWatcher Dual Axis Motor Drive for EQ3-2

, they simply dont rotate , it has 4 new batteries and all cables are connected good to the 2 motors , the question is the rotation by pressing on the 4 buttons its so slow ? i mean , i cant control my telescope with the hand controller device like i controlled it with the fine adjust cable ? ? u mean i can control the scope for viewing with my eye only throw the fine adjust-cable ?


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Hello Edy. The dual axis drives, even at their fastest speed (8x sidereal speed) are not very fast. You should be able to see the nylon Dec axis gear wheel rotate at 8x(barely). At normal speed (1x sideral) the mount with rotae on its' RA axis at 15 degrees/hour. The drives are designed for tracking an object across the sky and small adjustments. The move the telescope to another direction, unlock the clutches and manually slew the telscope to the new direction.


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