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Thanks and updates


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I just wanted to say a big thanks to all the regs and several members I have met/talked to on the phone recently.. amongst those would be Steve (CG5)Rob, Arthur ( Ambermile,outstanding help and service),Steve at auntie flo,Ian King, Dave,Ben, Gordon, CC, Gaz,Geppetto et all..Your advice and encouragemeant has ment a lot to me.

As the situation stands at present I'm hunting around for a better pier/pedestal to put the CG5 on so that the tal one can go out the back for use there. Thanks to Steve Ive found out that the HEQ5 on is a no go without mods and at present I'm waiting for info on delivery for an antares one as that comes with a CG5 fitting on it.( it will also save Arthur another milling job loll)

I don't think the Orion ones will work but I'm gonna call the guys there tomorrow to find out.

The CG5 is just drool-worthy compared with the mounts I have been using, and I love the Arthur mods on it. Just someone please explain to me how to use the clutches on the slow Mo's as I'm not 100% certain when to tighten them and when to loosen. Also if anyone has a counter weight that they want shot of (the light single layer one) I'm interested as the standard counter weight is to heavy for both the 80mm and the C5.

Arthur's mount that I had is still being used and will be used both as a portable Alt AZ and in eq mode out the back.

I think I finally have a set up I'm happy with as I can use the CG5 for out the front ( south, east and a little west view) and for primary imaging, then the Arthur's mount for the side ( east) and EQ mount it on the tal for the north out the back.

Also the scopes situation is ffinallylooking settled, I know I cant handle anything heavier than the C5 and its going to do the job I want planetry/lunar wise as well as a bit of deep sky via the focal reducer. The Antares is better than ever with the 2 speed micro focuser from Ian, and to be honest I cant see me ever getting rid of it.. I might even upgrade with the Williamoptics APO front cell at some point. The DOBof course handles all the deep views I need, the only maybe there, is that it might get dsc's on it at some point and I might have a crack at an EQ platform just for fun.

I also picked up a pop-up bird hide from cabella's in the uUSAfor silly money ( £41 delivered!!) that's going to double up nicely as a pop up observatory ( its fine as long as you arnt working at zenith, which I rarely do here)

So thanks guys, oh and my brother says thanks to as he got some of my "cast -off's"

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Hi Ian,

Thanks for the thanks! :D

The clutches should be loose when you need to move the scope large distances and thightened and the slo-mo cables/ motors used when you have either found the object and want to centre it in the EP or you know you are pretty close and just need to make small adjustments.

Basically the motors/ cables will only work (engage) if the clutches are tight.


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I have an EQ5 mount and I am thinking that the weights would fit yours? I need some more weight for my mount as with my 8" Orion and webcam with projection unit etc the supplied weights are not enough. I would be happy to swap your big weight for my small one, so I would have 2 large ones. Would that be any good to you?

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