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Venus, Saturn and ISS !


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Naked eye - looked out of window this morning, too cold to go out and noticed what definitely was Venus, looked through my binocs and it appeared as if it had had a chunk missing from it.

Viewed what I thought was Saturn but a quick check of Stellarium revealed it was Arcturus. Went back downstairs and looked again - defo Saturn this time using Stellarium as a reference.

Then noticed a plane heading thrrough between Venus and Saturn though the flight path looked a bit 'orbity' to me, so I wondered hmm is this a satellite and being reasonably bright observed it, went upstairs and looked at Stellarium, turns out the ISS was only ~ 800 km away ! So I'm pretty sure I observed this - speed seemed about right too. Time of observation about 6:48 by the way.

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i woke up about 530 6 ish today and looked out the window, which faces south. tto the sse was a very bright light, which was getting duller and brighter at random intervals, so i guessed it was in orbit and reflecting the sun. was stationary in the sky not moving right as expected.

would this be same thing as you saw?

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My 2 year old woke up at six so whilst up I had a look out the window (and checked the cricket score, good work guys), nice clear crisp morning Venus shining very bright and Saturn Just above. Got the Dob out and the crescent of Venus was superb, Saturn looked great too with more tilt to the rings than earlier in the year, seeing was not too good though. I saw the ISS coming up over the horizon it then disappeared behind a big cloud which looked like it was going to drop some snow on me so I headed in. Nice way to start the day.

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