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My second observation(Naked eyes)


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This is the first one, done 2 nights ago.


Yesterday the sky was foggy so I had no chance of continuing my study(just me, a notebook/pen and Stellarium).

Today when I went out the balcony at ~6PM I could clearly see Jupiter(the apartment building is facing South). However, after a couple of hours a thick fog descended an I couldn't even see the light post in front of my block(#@$#$&).

Luckily, at ~10PM the sky got clear, even clearer then 2 nights ago. So I've started drawing the stars into my notebook as accurate as I could so I could locate them in Stellarium. I'm gonna cut this short(forgive the calligraphy. You try and write in darkness:p):


The underlined stars are the ones that I already know. The rest are to be learned:cool:

So, what's with that "cluster" of stars between Rigel and Saiph? Does it have a name? Here's how it looks from Stellarium(the pink/purple thing):


Anyways, I'm really excited, especially about M45 aka The Pleiades. I'm waiting for the next clear night sky.

Until then, happy observing:headbang:

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Good sketch! I learned some star names from it, thank you. The pink thing is M42 the Great Nebula of Orion. The stars there are also called the Sword of Orion (handing from the three stars of his Belt, naturally).

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That's M42 (Messier's catalogue number 42) the "Great Nebula in Orion"! Well done with the sketch - that is the best way to learn your way. Whatever happens NEVER throw it away - you will be amazed when you come back to look at it in a few months or years time!

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Hi Gothic,

as has been said, its really handy to keep any notes etc you do. I started the same kind of way 3 years ago and still use my little back pocket note book. A great aid when I wish to check something and theres always something to add to it.


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