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Sturdy BACK for small MAK


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I recently installed a Baader 35mm "Maxbright" diagonal on the back end of my Skymax MAK127/AZ3. (With inspiration from one Jim.E) It screws directly to the T2 thread on the standard 1.25" adapter and has a compression 2" eyepiece holder - Just right for my Baader HYPERIONS (Which I share with my cheap'n'cheerful Startravel 102/F5). It also gives some limited 2" capability. Other points are the "push to" facility - School protractor and digital level! (Working on an idea from yer own Gordon C!). FWIW, I run the "Planetarium" software to derive Alt-Az coordinates on my budget Palm Z22 computer. I use both Red-dot and Orion 9x50 finders, so some "wood technology" is evident! Oh - The "bed-springs" are to stop the whole kit'n'kaboodle' falling over backwards at azimuth > 70 deg. Finding suitable springs was trial and error, but the whole thing works surprisingly WELL! :D


I guess I could (should?) e.g. have bought e.g. an ETX-125! But this has been (quite) fun and instructive... :)

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