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Binocular Mounts

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I have a pair of 12X50 binos which I have been using for observing - the problem is that they have no tripod bush and it's difficult to get a steady view. Does anyone know if there is any sort of device you can buy for binos that enables you to put them on a tripod?

Thanks :D

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Yes, there are several.

Are you sure you don't have a fixing point? Look at your binoculars from the front, between the two large objectives there is usually a cap that can be unscrewed to reveal a thread - that is the fixing point.

Even if you haven't got the thread, there are other methods of fixing a binocular to a tripod/monopod.

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Thanks for the quick reply astrophethean! have just checked and there absolutly nothing on my binos to attach a tripod - mind you they ARE about 15 years old and made by Tasco (ahem!) I have my 'scope now, but I still think the binos are handy for a quick 'fix'. Maybe I should consider buying a new pair - or drop a few Christmas hints :D

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