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Coloured filter with Jupiter


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What kind of webcam?

First of all, you probably need an IR-UV-cutoff for the one shot colour images (assuming the IR filter on the webcam was removed --as it normally is if it was implemented on the lens), or you'll have very unnatural colours; you might in addition try some filters like a Baader Moon&Skyglow to make some features more apparent but you'll have to tweak the RGB colour balance a bit.

But if you want sharper images, it may actually be interesting to use an IR-*pass* filter (or something like a Wratter #23 light red to a #25 red) to get a luminance channel that is less affected by the seeing.

Of course, if you have a monochrome webcam, you'll be snapping three channels of R, G and B plus probably a luminance with a rather narrow deep red or IR filter.

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For webcams for color you use IR/UV cut. And you can also use infrared filters like Baader Ir-pass or Astronomik Pro Planet 742 - with those you get false color tint - you stack that and convert the image to monochrome nice sharp image (as infrared is colorless). You can also try making Ir-RGB out of that Ir image and color image with the Ir/UV cut filter.

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In reality you don't need any filters at all with a colour camera. I only recently began using an IR/UV cut filter, and still don't use it all the time. Mostly you will be making adjustments to the colour in the final stages of processing in any case

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