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observing chair

Pete Presland

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hi all

i thought i would share my thoughts about the observing chair i have recently purchased.

it came from ebay but there are a few outlets around

Ironing/ Perching stool HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE with backrest on eBay (end time 28-Nov-10 21:18:19 GMT)


its certainly a well built item as i expected due to the nature of the supplier. (healthtec,drive medical limited)

it weighs approx 6kgs

the widest part of the stand feet is 460mm,with 4 rubber grips on each end

the seats lowest height is 550mm and highest 750mm there are 6 height settings

the whole seat folds flat when not in use


there is a is a safety clip to stop the seat closing by accident.

the seat is not the slide type but fixed in 6 different positions via a cross bolts either side of seat.i like the idea of it being fixed but the down side is when adjusting on a cold dark night there is a risk of losing the plastic washers,but that said i think it will spend most of the time at max height for my use anyway.

the chair is nice and stable due to the wide feet on the bottom,the front is 460mm wide the rear 300mm wide.(some only have a single peg at the rear)

the price is a bit expensive (£39.99) compared to budget models but i think you get what you pay for and its still half the price of the purpose made skywatcher models

hope this is usefull to somebody,it took me a while to make up my mind which one to buy :)

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Keep an eye on the weekly special offers from LIDL. When they have these, they're about £15; worth waiting for.

thats what i have been waiting for but with xmas around the corner this seemed like good idea :D (i think my other half thought a eq6 was a bit pricey :) ) there was a cheaper one on ebay but it only had a single leg at tha rear

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