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My 1st Venus! and Saturn!


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Oh the joy!

I used to do astronomy when I were a lad and for a long time I believed I was looking at Venus. Now in my somewhat adult years I have the experience to embarrassingly admit it was actually a star out of focus, cue the laughter....

This morning I was awake, I don't mean I woke up I mean I never went to sleep. It's not a long story why I was awake, but I ain't one to kiss and tell :D

I went outside and managed to get my first telescopic view of SATURN!!! Bit naff view, but saw the rings and the planets shadow on them. Will be great when it's darker skies, eep can't wait.

*drum roll*

I SAW VENUS!! This is a massive thing for me after years of having claimed to had seen Venus and telling my mother "Venus is my friend" (hence the username) but this time it was for real and OMG!

I was expecting to only see the 1st phase cresent and that is what I saw, but it was awesome! I am so happy and probably should go to sleep but I am still bouncing from it :)

Thanks for reading,

Lots of love

Neil ;)

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Well done Neil

Have just returned from the top of the local hill after a couple of hours venus & saturn spotting, I've been waiting for a Friday morning for that for weeks, and finally, a clear morning!

Now to breakfast...

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I braved the snow tonight.

Just got back in about 15 mins ago, saw them both through my 6" for the first time,. There was some atmospheric haze, but I saw saturn, rings clear along with Titan... and Venus, a lovely crescent.... much sharper at lower magnitudes.

Brilliant. Well, probably time for bed.

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