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Skywatcher Startravel Series And Suitable Mounts

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just been looking at the startravel series .I have seen the 102mm and the 120mm on the AZ3 mounts are these mounts suitable or would these be suited to any of the EQ mounts instead,i have probably made my mind up between these two scopes above or an evostar 90mm on a AZ3 or perhaps an EQ3-2.I can always buy a dobsonian down the line when i have exhausted my binoculars and any of the above telescopes.Thanks Gordy

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I think the Startravel 120 might be a bit under-mounted on an AZ-3 which would limit it's use at higher magnifications although the scope is at it's best a low to medium magnifications anyway. The ST 102 is fine on the AZ-3 though - it's quite a bit shorter and lighter than the 120.

The ST 120 and EQ3-2 mount would be a good combination.

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I'd second John's thoughts on the ST 120 az3 combination as i have this set up.-its pushing the mount a little.

For the price though they're practically giving 'em away!

& I Love the scope!

If you're good with your hands there's some az3 modifications out there on the web involving counterweights, not tried myself, but apparently it works well.

& if you didn't get on with the az3, could always sell it & buy an az4?

IMHO the ST series were made for alt-azimuth mounts, but if you can stretch to the eq3... so much the better.

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I went for the 80, cos it's small (fits in a maplins flight bag with all the ep's etc for travel). Light, and can be operated on a normal camera tripod, rubbish for the moon and planets, but great for what the scope is best at. And it fits very nicely and easily on the NexStar SLT mount. Now it's role is as a guidescope and portable travel scope.

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