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Viewing in Milton Keynes


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Hi All,

Have had my Celestron 130EQ for just over a month now and i am loving it.

I am interested in anyone who uses their scope in Milton Keynes, the skys can be troubled by bad light polution and was wondering if anyone knows any good viewing sites just outside MK with darker skys.

I have visited Ivinghoe beacon and it is good up there, but a bit too far for a quick trip when the skys clear.

My garden is ok, but trees and my next door nighbours WW2 searchlight/security light dont help.


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I live in Newport pagnell, I recommend head out to Olney, between Newport and Olney there are plenty of open fields and little villages with village greens if you go hunting around, and as the previous poster suggested woburn would probably be ok. There is also a local meet in bletchley with the mk astronomy society, not that I've visited my self however

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Very late to the party here, just joined SGL. Little Linford Woods looks ideal. There's a public footpath leading from Haversham High Street. 

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I'm in Dunstable so I'm in range of the Downs and Ivinghoe. But from having looked at pollution maps in the past you might be better off looking towards Grendon Underwood, Winslow way.

If the maps are to be believed then that area is around B4.

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2 hours ago, The Lazy Astronomer said:

You're not wrong there! 🤣

Yeah Na. Just adding to the possibilities. Database is excellent, hopefully someone nearby can get some Dark Sky stuff. I'll be there just as soon as we have some clear skies.

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