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Celestron CPC 925 questions

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Hi all,

If you could help a newbie out, I'd be much obliged :)

1. Was wondering how many dew tapes are needed to keep the dew at bay for a CPC 925 scope?

Will one suffice? I live in Southampton.

2. Does the dew controller plug straight into the power tank? Or do I need some kind of adaptor?

3. How long would a 7aH and a 17aH power tank last approximately - assuming I was running the scope and 1 heater tape?

Thx in advance ;)

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Hi Spectre486,

I use a Astrozap Flexi-Heat Dew shield. It can be plugged in to a Astrozap controller that you can hook up to a power tank via a supplied cig adapter. My controller has 4 o/ps but I only ever plug in the dew shield. You should be able to pick up both for around £130.00.


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1. One for the corrector plate end of the tube. You need a dew shield as well. An extra (small) tape for the eyepiece is probably helpful.

2. Most dew controllers come equipped with the ubiquitous "cigar lighter socket" plug.

3. The corrector plate tape will probably draw about 3 amps so the run time driving it and the CPC mount (which draws around 2 amps) from a 17 AH power tank will be something like 3 hours. I run my CPC1100 + Kendrik Dewfire 7 + corrector plate tape + eyepiece tape from a 70 AH deep cycle leisure (camping/marine) battery and it's just barely sufficient for an all night (12 hour) session in winter.

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